Mesh Components

Unity represents geometric regions as triangle meshes. These meshes are used for both rendering and physics calculations. The Wolfram Language allows the conversion of Unity meshes to geometric regions and vice versa.

UnityMesh represents a mesh

UnityMeshQ test whether an object is a mesh

Mesh Generation

CreateUnityMesh create a mesh

DeleteUnityMesh delete a mesh

Mesh Filter Component

UnityMeshFilter represents a mesh filter

UnityMeshFilterQ test whether an object is a mesh filter

CreateUnityMeshFilter create a mesh filter

DeleteUnityMeshFilter delete a mesh filter

Mesh Renderer Component

UnityMeshRenderer represents a mesh renderer

UnityMeshRendererQ test whether an object is a mesh renderer

CreateUnityMeshRenderer create a mesh renderer

DeleteUnityMeshRenderer delete a mesh renderer

Mesh Collider Component

UnityMeshCollider represents a mesh collider

UnityMeshColliderQ test whether an object is a mesh collider

CreateUnityMeshCollider create a mesh collider

DeleteUnityMeshCollider delete a mesh collider

Text Mesh Component

UnityTextMesh represents a text mesh

UnityTextMeshQ test whether an object is a text mesh

CreateUnityTextMesh create a text mesh

DeleteUnityTextMesh delete a text mesh

Skinned Mesh Renderer Component

UnitySkinnedMeshRenderer represents a skinned mesh renderer

UnitySkinnedMeshRendererQ test whether an object is a skinned mesh renderer

CreateUnitySkinnedMeshRenderer create a skinned mesh renderer

DeleteUnitySkinnedMeshRenderer delete a skinned mesh renderer