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WSM Model Simulation

As of Version 11.3, most of the functionality of the WSMLink package is being phased out in favor of experimentally introduced functionality in the Wolfram System. >>

Simulation is a vital tool in understanding, designing and parametrizing real-world systems. The Wolfram Language and SystemModeler provide a strong collection of functionality for simulation, visualization and parametrization of such systems.

WSMExamples explore simulation-ready examples


WSMSimulate simulate a model

WSMParametricSimulateValue simulate for parameter variation, optimization, etc.

WSMSimulateSensitivity simulate parameter sensitivity

WSMParametricSimulate  ▪  WSMParametricFunction

Simulation Control

WSMParameterValues simulate with specific parameter values

WSMInitialValues simulate with specific initial values

WSMInputFunctions specify model inputs to a simulation

WSMProgressMonitor  ▪  InterpolationOrder

Simulation Results

WSMSimulationData get simulation results

WSMPlot plot simulation results

Real-Time Simulation

WSMRealTimeSimulate simulate models in real time

WSMRealTimePlot plot simulation results in real time

WSMRealTimeConnect  ▪  WSMSimulationConnection  ▪  WSMPlotUpdating

WSMModelData  ▪  WSMSetValues  ▪  WSMNames

Graphical Simulation Interface

WSMSimulationCenter start SystemModeler simulation and analysis environment

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