Built-in Classifiers

The Wolfram Language includes a wide range of pre-trained classifiers that can be applied to text, images and more.

Classify classify data into categories using a built-in classifier

ClassifierFunction symbolic representation of a classifier to be applied to data

Text Classifiers

"FacebookTopic" which topic a Facebook post is about

"Language" which natural language text is in

"LanguageExtended" language of a text, including rare languages

"NameGender" which gender a first name is

"Profanity" whether text contains profanity

"ProgrammingLanguage" which programming language text is in

"Sentiment" sentiment of a social media post

"Spam" whether email is spam

Image Classifiers

"CountryFlag" which country a flag image is for

"FacialAge" estimated age from a face

"FacialExpression" what type of expression a face displays

"FacialGender" what gender a face appears to be

"NotablePerson" what notable person an image is of

"NSFWImage" whether an image is considered "not safe for work"