"Sentiment" (Built-in Classifier)

Determine the sentiment of a text from a snippet.



  • This classifier attempts to infer the sentiment that a snippet of text conveys.
  • The input text should typically be one or a few sentences.
  • This classifier assumes the text conveys only one sentiment. The probabilities reflect the belief in these sentiments, not the proportion of sentiments.
  • The current version only works for the English language.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Use the "Sentiment" built-in classifier to infer the sentiment of a review:

Classify multiple examples:

Obtain the probabilities for the possible classes:

Obtain a ClassifierFunction for this classifier:

Apply the classifier to a list of examples:

Scope  (1)

Load the ClassifierFunction corresponding to the built-in classifier:

Obtain the possible classes:

Options  (2)

ClassPriors  (1)

Use a custom ClassPriors to restrict the possible outputs:

IndeterminateThreshold  (1)

Use a custom IndeterminateThreshold: