Distributions in Communication Systems

There are many types of distributions that are relevant for communication systems. In telecom, for instance, exponential and Erlang distributions modeling talk lengths are typically used to size telecom infrastructure. For wireless communication, one often has to model the interface between transmitter and mobile, even though there can be many obstacles between the two.

General Communication Distributions

BinomialDistribution  ▪  ChiSquareDistribution  ▪  NormalDistribution  ▪  MultinormalDistribution  ▪  UniformDistribution

Queueing Distributions

ErlangDistribution  ▪  ExponentialDistribution  ▪  PoissonDistribution

Fading Multipath Channel Distributions

RayleighDistribution multipath fading with no direct line-of-sight

HoytDistribution multipath fading with no direct line-of-sight (Nakagami-)

RiceDistribution multipath fading with a strong direct line-of-sight (Nakagami-)

NakagamiDistribution indoor and ionosphere multipath propagation (Nakagami-)

BeckmannDistribution  ▪  KDistribution  ▪  LogNormalDistribution  ▪  SuzukiDistribution  ▪  WeibullDistribution