Tokens Related to the Edit Menu

The Wolfram Language allows any front end command to be executed programmatically from within the kernel by sending an appropriate front end token. There are tokens for all standard menu commandsas well as ones not accessible directly with the default front end menu configuration.

FrontEndTokenExecute execute a menu-like command specified by a front end token

"Undo" reverse the most recent action

"Cut" delete the selection and copy it to the clipboard

"Copy" copy the selection to the clipboard without deleting it

"Paste" insert the current contents of the clipboard

"Clear" delete the selection without copying it to the clipboard

"ExpandSelection" highlight the smallest subexpression containing the selection

"SelectAll" select all cells in a notebook

"Balance" expand the selection to the nearest balanced bracketing characters

"CompleteSelection" complete a partially typed function name

"TemplateSelection" insert a function template for the selected function

"FindNextMisspelling" search for and fix misspelled words

"FindDialog" find text in the current notebook

"SelectionSetFind" enter the selection as the search text

"PreferencesDialog" open the Preferences dialog