Evaluation Options in Notebooks

The Wolfram Language allows you to specify in detail what should happen when you press to evaluate a cell in a notebook, or to evaluate an expression in place.

Evaluation Control

Evaluatable whether a cell or other expression is evaluatable

CellProlog, CellEpilog expression to evaluate before, after evaluating a cell

CellEvaluationFunction function to apply when evaluation is requested

DynamicUpdating whether dynamic objects should update

Notebook-Level Control

InitializationCell mark a cell to be evaluated when a notebook is opened

NotebookAutoSave automatically save a notebook after each evaluation

Notebook Formatting

OutputSizeLimit maximum size for explicit output (default: $OutputSizeLimit)

CellAutoOverwrite overwrite output cells when new ones are generated

CellEvaluationDuplicate  ▪  CellEditDuplicate

Context Control

Evaluation Notebook's Default Context localized context by notebook, cell, etc.

CellContext localized contexts for symbols in a cell

Remote Kernels

Evaluation Notebook's Kernel kernel to use for a notebook

Evaluation Kernel Configuration Options configure remote kernels

Evaluator the name of the evaluator to use for a cell or expression

Dynamic Evaluation

Evaluation Dynamic Updating Enabled whether to do dynamic updating