Managing Remote and Parallel Kernels

The Wolfram Language has integrated support for remote and parallel computation, using a variety of connectivity and communication mechanisms.

LaunchKernels launch specified configured kernels

CloseKernels close specified kernels

KernelObject an object representing a running Wolfram Language kernel

Kernels give a list of all kernels currently running and connected

$ConfiguredKernels the list of kernels configured to be started

Setting Kernels for Evaluation in a Notebook

Evaluation Notebook's Kernel interactively set the kernel for the current notebook

Evaluator option for evaluator in buttons, cells, etc.

Programmatic Evaluation in Remote and Parallel Kernels »

ParallelEvaluate evaluate an expression in parallel across multiple kernels

Parallelize parallelize the evaluation of an expression across all parallel subkernels

ParallelTable  ▪  ParallelMap  ▪  ParallelCombine  ▪  ParallelTry  ▪  ...