New in 7.0: Computable Data

Mathematica 7 delivers the latest fruits of Wolfram Research's major long-term Computable Data Initiative, providing immediate access to curated static and dynamic data in several important new areas.

New in Mathematical Data

GraphData (extended) properties of many more named and enumerated graphs

PolyhedronData (extended) additional properties of polyhedra

FiniteGroupData  ▪  FiniteGroupCount  ▪  FiniteAbelianGroupCount

New in Scientific & Technical Data

WeatherData full current and historical worldwide weather data

GeodesyData data on geodetic coordinate systems, geoid shapes, etc.

GeoProjectionData data on cartographic projections

ChemicalData (extended) more compounds and more properties

New in Life Science Data

GenomeData data on all known human genes

GenomeLookup find exact matches on the human genome

ProteinData protein structure and function

New in Linguistic Data

DictionaryLookup (extended) look up words in multilingual dictionaries