New in 7.0: Dynamic Interactivity

Mathematica 6 introduced the revolutionary idea of symbolic dynamic interactivity. Mathematica 7 makes use of this idea throughout the system, and adds a number of additional features to the core concept.

Interactive Manipulation

Manipulate (modified) new support for arranging controls in grids etc.

New in Symbolic Controls

Control an interactive control with type automatically chosen

ButtonBar a bar of buttons with labels and actions

ChoiceButtons a pair of OK and Cancel buttons that close a dialog

Pane (modified) scrollable pane

TabView (modified) scrollable tabs

CheckboxBar, RadioButtonBar (modified) new support for in-bar delimiters

Panel (modified) display a panel with different appearances

PreemptProtect protect evaluation from interruption by preemptive evaluations

Interface Building

Placeholder symbolic representation of place to type into