Systematic Testing & Verification

The Wolfram Language provides fully integrated support for creating, maintaining, and verifying tests for functions and packages written in the Wolfram Language. Using either a plain text format or a rich notebook interface, you can create and run tests on demand. Additionally, the Wolfram Language also allows you to convert regular notebooks to testing notebooks using a simple toolbar.

VerificationTest test whether a given input generates a specified output

TestResultObject an object that represents the results of a VerificationTest

TestReport generate a test report by running a collection of tests

TestReportObject an object that represents the results of TestReport

$TestFileName the name of the file from which a test is being run


TimeConstraint time limit for a test

MemoryConstraint memory limit for a test

SameTest how to determine whether a test passes

TestID identifier for a test

Random Testing

RandomInteger  ▪  RandomReal  ▪  RandomImage  ▪  RandomGraph  ▪  RandomEntity