Wolfram Language Expressions in Files

The Wolfram Language's symbolic architecture immediately defines a serializable representation for any Wolfram Language data or programwhich can then readily be stored in a file.

Get (<<) get Wolfram Language expressions from a file (.m or .mx file)

Put (>>), PutAppend (>>>) put Wolfram Language expressions into a file

Needs declare a file or context to be needed, and loaded if necessary

FilePrint display the contents of a file

New Package (.m) create a package-style notebook

Save save variable and function definitions

DumpSave dump definitions into a binary file (.mx file)

Export  ▪  Encode  ▪  ToExpression

BinarySerialize convert any expression to efficient binary form

BinaryDeserialize recover an expression from its binary form

InitializationCell cell to be evaluated automatically in a notebook

File Formats »

"WXF"  ▪  "MX"  ▪  ...