How to | Deploy a Notebook for Player

Ordinary Mathematica notebooks can be opened by non-Mathematica users using the free product Wolfram Player, which lets users view, print, and interact with live computations, but does not let them edit programs or write new content. While giving you flexibility in collaborative work and education, making a notebook available for Wolfram Player also lets you share your work with the world as part of the Wolfram Demonstrations Project.

The freely available Wolfram Player can be used to read any notebook created with Mathematica.

For live interactive content to work properly in Player, it must be completely contained. That is, any commands inside the interactive content must not depend on commands outside the interactive content. For example, this Manipulate uses A, which is defined outside of the Manipulate:

If you quit Mathematica or the kernel and open the notebook again, the Manipulate does not function properly because the definition for A has been lost. Quitting Mathematica or the kernel and opening a notebook again is a good way to test if your interactive content will work properly when deployed using Player.

To fix this, set the option SaveDefinitions to True in the Manipulate and reevaluate. This embeds any outside definitions the Manipulate depends on into the output:

You are now ready to deploy a notebook with this example for use in Player.

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