How to | Deploy Interactive Content in the Wolfram Cloud

If you have a notebook containing interactive content, you can deploy the notebook to the cloud using CloudExport. If you have a single expressionlike a Manipulatethat is interactive, you can deploy it to the cloud with CloudDeploy. Note: make sure that your Wolfram Cloud Account is set up to allow you to deploy interactive content in the Wolfram Cloud. Unless you specify otherwise, cloudCDF material that you deploy will run using your Wolfram Cloud Credits.

This is a simple Manipulate:

It is easy to deploy a Manipulate object to the cloud using CloudDeploy:

Clicking the link brings up the resulting web page:


You can also deploy entire notebooks containing interactive content to the cloud using CloudExport.

This is an example notebook with several Manipulate objects in it:

You can deploy the entire notebook to the cloud using CloudExport:

The notebook is now deployed with both Manipulate objects interactive: