represents the result of an ActivePrediction process.

Details and Options

  • ActivePredictionObject[] is the result generated by ActivePrediction[].
  • ActivePredictionObject[][prop] gives the property prop of the active prediction object.
  • ActivePredictionObject[][{prop1,prop2,}] gives the list of properties {prop1,prop2,}.
  • Possible properties include:
  • "EvaluationHistory"configurations explored and values assigned to them
    "Method"method used for active prediction
    "PredictorFunction"best PredictorFunction[] obtained
    "PredictorMeasurementsObject"latest PredictorMeasurementsObject[] obtained
    "LearningCurve"plot of mean cross-entropy evolution
    "Properties"list of all available properties


Basic Examples  (1)

Train an ActivePredictionObject[] to find the predictor for a nontrivial function in an interval:

Obtain the list of the object properties:

Obtain the history of explored configurations:

Obtain the predictors trained during active prediction, along with some of their properties:

Obtain the final predictor:

Obtain the method used to choose configurations to add to the training set:

Obtain some other properties:

Display the performances of predictors trained during active prediction:

Visualize the predictions of the final predictor on new examples:

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