is an option for Grid and related functions that specifies the allowed minimum and maximum dimensions of the Grid under interactive editing.


  • Possible settings for AllowedDimensions are:
  • Automaticthe dimensions of the Grid are unconstrained
    {cols,rows}the dimensions of the Grid are constrained to exactly cols columns and rows rows
    {{colsmin,colsmax},{rowsmin,rowsmax}}between colsmin and colsmax columns are allowed, and between rowsmin and rowsmax rows are allowed


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Basic Examples  (3)

Create a Grid that can have between 2 and 4 columns and between 3 and 5 rows:

Create a Grid that can have any number of rows, but only 2 columns:

Create a Grid that must have a minimum of 3 rows:

Properties & Relations  (1)

The AllowedDimensions option only applies to interactive editing. It does not prevent Grid from producing output that does not comply with the specified dimensions:

Introduced in 2012