is an option for the low-level function ButtonBox that specifies the function to execute when the button is active and is clicked.


  • The default setting for ButtonFunction causes the button to paste its contents at your current notebook selection.
  • ButtonFunction is used only with the setting Enabled->True, either for the individual button or for the cell that contains it.
  • With ButtonFunction->f, the first argument supplied to f is specified by the setting for ButtonSource, and the second argument by the setting for ButtonData.
  • Standard Wolfram Language precedence rules require parentheses in ButtonFunction->(body&).
  • Settings for ButtonFunction are often inherited from button styles via the ButtonStyle option.
  • With the default setting Evaluator->None, the expression constructed from the button function is sent to the front end for evaluation.


Basic Examples  (2)

Create a button that opens a new notebook when clicked:

Do the same thing using a Wolfram Language function:

Introduced in 1996