is a low-level box construct that represents a button in a notebook expression.


  • ButtonBox is the low-level representation of Button. Except for low-level notebook expression manipulation, ButtonBox should not need to be used directly.
  • ButtonBox[boxes] displays as boxes and performs an action when it is clicked.
  • The default action is to paste boxes at your current insertion point. Other actions can be specified using options.
  • ButtonBox objects are used to implement palette buttons, hyperlinks, and other active elements in notebooks.
  • ButtonBox objects are active when either they or the cell that contains them has the option Enabled->True.
  • When ButtonBox objects are active, they perform an action whenever they are clicked. Otherwise, clicking them simply selects them or their contents.
  • ButtonBox[boxes,BaseStyle->"style"] takes the properties of the ButtonBox from the specified style. The style for a ButtonBox can specify both its appearance and its action.
  • The following options affecting button appearance can be given:
  • AppearanceAutomaticthe overall appearance of the button
    BackgroundAutomaticbutton background color
    BaselinePositionAutomaticalignment relative to surrounding text
    BaseStyle"GenericButton"base style specifications for the button
    ButtonMinHeight1.0the minimum total height of a button in units of font size
    ContentPaddingTruewhether to shrink the margins tightly around the contents
    FrameMarginsAutomaticthe margin in printer's points around the contents of a button
    ImageSizeFullthe size of the button
  • The following options affecting button action can be given:
  • ButtonDataAutomaticthe second argument to supply to the button function
    ButtonFunction(pasting function) the function to apply when the button is clicked
    ButtonSourceAutomaticwhere to get the first argument of the button function
    EnabledAutomaticwhether to make the button always active
    EvaluatorNonewhere to send the button function expression for evaluation
    Method"Preemptive"the evaluation method to use
    TooltipNonethe tooltip for the button
    TooltipDelay0.`how long to delay before displaying the tooltip
    TooltipStyle{}style specifications for the tooltip
  • ButtonBox[] is by default interpreted as Button[] if it is given as input to the Wolfram Language kernel.


Basic Examples  (2)

Display a button that opens a new notebook window when clicked:

Display a button that assigns a random number to r:

See the value of r after clicking the button:

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