generates boxes corresponding to the printed form of expr in StandardForm.


gives the boxes corresponding to output in the specified form.



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Basic Examples  (3)

Box representation of a polynomial:

Display boxes as formatted:

Box representation of a graphic:

A special function in StandardForm and TraditionalForm:

Scope  (8)

Basic Objects  (2)

Integer, Rational, Real, and Complex numbers:

Arbitrary-precision Real and Complex numbers:

Special constants:

Characters and strings of characters:

Control characters for strings:

Special Input Forms  (4)

Box representations for various Power expressions:

Special typeset expressions:

Different list structures:

Inputs with subscripts, superscripts, etc.:

Special Output Forms  (2)

Some objects use a special output representation with interpretation:

Some objects use an elided output representation:

Properties & Relations  (5)

ToBoxes evaluates expr, while MakeBoxes does not:

Use ToExpression to interpret boxes:

Use DisplayForm to see how the boxes display:

Use formatting rules added through Format:

Add formatting for bin:

Use formatting rules added through MakeBoxes:

Introduced in 1996