is an option for BinaryRead, BinaryWrite, and related functions that specifies what ordering of bytes should be assumed for your computer system.


  • Possible settings for ByteOrdering are +1 and -1.
  • +1 corresponds to big endian (appropriate for PowerPC and many other processors); -1 corresponds to little endian (appropriate for x86 processors).
  • +1 corresponds to having the most-significant byte first; -1 to having the least-significant byte first.
  • +1 is the order obtained from IntegerDigits[n,256].


Basic Examples  (2)

$ByteOrdering gives the byte ordering on this machine:

Create a file with a 32-bit integer:

Read the data from the file:

Read the data with reverse byte ordering:

Recreate the correct interpretation using Wolfram Language functions:

Introduced in 2005