gives data associated with the cloud account currently being used.


gives the property prop associated with the cloud account being used.

Details and Options

  • CloudAccountData[] gives an association containing elements for each property.
  • Basic properties supported include:
  • "Products"products activated for this account
    "CloudStorage"total cloud storage allocated for this account
    "CloudStorageUsed"cloud storage currently used by this account
    "CloudStorageAvailable"cloud storage currently free for use by this account
    "CloudCreditsAvailable"total Cloud Credits currently available
    "WolframAlphaCallsAvailable"total Wolfram|Alpha calls currently available
  • The setting for "Products" is a list with an association for each product with elements including:
  • "Product"name of the product
    "Plan"name of the purchase or usage plan
    "StartDate"start date for this product
    "EndDate"end date (if any) for this product
    "NextBillingDate"date when next billing is due for this product
    "CloudStoragePoolable"cloud storage contributed to the pool by this product
    "CloudCreditsRecurring"recurring Cloud Credits contributed by this product
    "CloudCreditsPurchasingAllowed"whether additional Cloud Credits can be purchased
    "WolframAlphaCallsRecurring"recurring Wolfram|Alpha calls contributed by this product
    "DeveloperSeats"number of developer seats allowed for this product
    "TechnicalSupportType"what type of technical support is provided for this product
    "FileSizeLimit"maximum file size this product can put in the cloud
    "SessionEvaluationTimeLimit"maximum time for an evaluation in an interactive session
    "SessionMemoryLimit"maximum memory for evaluation in an interactive session
    "DeployedEvaluationTimeLimit"maximum evaluation time for APIs, forms, etc.
    "DeployedMemoryLimit"maximum memory for evaluations in APIs, forms, etc.
    "ScheduledTaskEvaluationTimeLimit"maximum evaluation time for a scheduled task
    "ScheduledTaskMemoryLimit"maximum memory for a scheduled task
  • CloudAccountData also supports the following option:
  • CloudBaseAutomaticcloud from which to get account data


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Basic Examples  (1)

Give the cloud user's account data:

Scope  (1)

Select a specific account data property:

Give the list of products you have:

Applications  (1)

See how much memory is available on different platforms:

Introduced in 2014