is an option for Cell and Notebook that specifies how to render cells in the cloud.


  • Possible settings are:
  • Automaticchoose a method based on the size of the cell contents
    Inheriteduse the same method (for a cell) as on the notebook level
    "InteractiveBoxes"render using interactive boxes
    "StaticHTML"render using static HTML created on the server
    "Bitmap"render as a static bitmap created on the server
    Nonerender as a generic placeholder
  • At the notebook level, the default value Automatic is equivalent to "StaticHTML" for large notebooks, which is optimized for fast rendering in web browsers.
  • By default, cells inherit the rendering method of the notebook, unless an explicit setting is specified for a cell.
  • At the cell level, the value Automatic is equivalent to "InteractiveBoxes" for cells that are small enough to be rendered interactively in the cloud. Larger cells are rasterized or, if that fails, rendered as a generic placeholder.
  • Most controls in static HTML become interactive as soon as the user clicks on them, but they might take some time to render interactively.
  • Bitmap-based cells are not interactive and might not linewrap perfectly to fit the notebook width.
  • Viewers of a notebook can choose to override the automatic method using a control next to the cell bracket, at the risk of freezing their web browser.
  • The setting for CloudRenderingMethod is ignored on desktop systems.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Deploy a notebook with an explicit setting CloudRenderingMethod"Bitmap" to the cloud:

Scope  (3)

Deploy a notebook with CloudRenderingMethod"InteractiveBoxes" to ensure it is rendered interactively, even if the automatic choice would be "Bitmap":

Deploy a notebook with CloudRenderingMethod"StaticHTML" to render it using static HTML, which makes the notebook faster to load by deferring the resolution of dynamic content to the time when the user starts interacting with it:

A value of None results in a generic placeholder explaining that the cell contents are too large for direct browser rendering:

Possible Issues  (2)

Bitmap-based cells are not interactive, so sliders cannot be moved, for example. Also, bitmaps might look different than interactive rendering, since rasterization typically happens on Linux servers:

The linewrapping in bitmap-based cells can be suboptimal:

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