represents an ICC color profile that can convert between the independent color space "ics" and the device-dependent color space "device".


  • ColorProfileData is used to uniquely define device-dependent color spaces such as "RGB" or "CMYK".
  • Color profiles ensure a good conversion between color spaces and the nearly device-independent color rendering.
  • ColorProfileData can be imported from an ICC file or an image file with an embedded color profile.
  • Using ColorProfileData[][intent], the rendering intent can be specified. Possible settings are "PerceptualProfile" (default), "SaturationProfile", "MediaRelativeColorimetricProfile", and "ICCAbsoluteColorimetricProfile".


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Basic Examples  (3)

Import the sRGB color profile:

ColorSpace of an image can be specified with a ColorProfileData object:

Import an image with an embedded color profile:

Import the color profile embedded in an image:

Possible Issues  (1)

Some color profiles may not permit a faithful representation of colors from other spaces:

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