is an option for URLRead and related functions to specify advanced connection settings.


  • ConnectionSettings takes an association with the following keys:
  • "MaxDownloadSpeed"Automaticmaximum allowed download speed
    "MaxUploadSpeed"Automaticmaximum allowed upload speed
    "ProxySettings"Automaticsettings for connecting to the internet via a proxy server
  • Maximum download and upload speed settings are approximate speed settings.
  • Maximum download and upload speeds can be given as Quantity expressions.
  • Speeds given as integers are interpreted as bytes per second.
  • "ProxySettings" takes an association or a list of associations with the following keys:
  • "URL"Nonethe proxy URL
    "Port"Automaticthe proxy port
    "Username"Noneusername for the proxy server
    "Password"Nonepassword for the proxy server


Basic Examples  (3)

Download at 12,500 bytes per second:

Download at 100 Kbps:

Download at twice the speed:

Create an APIFunction returning the number of characters in a string:

Deploy the APIFunction to the cloud:

Get the URL:

Create a long string:

Upload the string to the API at 400 Kbps:

Upload the string to the API at 800 Kbps:

The expected time to upload a 100,000 character string at 800 Kbps is about one second:

Introduced in 2019