is an attribute that indicates zero derivative of a symbol with respect to all parameters.


  • Constant is used by Dt.
  • Functions f[] are taken to have zero total derivative if f has attribute Constant.
  • Mathematical constants such as Pi have attribute Constant.


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Basic Examples  (2)

π is a mathematical constant representing a number:

π is not explicitly a number:

π is numeric and evaluates to a number with N:

Define f to be a constant function for total derivatives computed with Dt:

Scope  (2)

The built-in system mathematical constants:

They are all NumericQ:

They all represent exact values that can be evaluated to numbers of any precision with N:

Define f locally to be a constant function:

This does not affect subsequent computations with Dt:

Using the Constants option in Dt is similar, but has completely unambiguous output:

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