gives the chirp Z transform of list.


returns a length n chirp Z transform.


uses a spiral path on the complex plane defined by w.


uses a as the complex starting point.


gives the multidimensional chirp Z transform.



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Basic Examples  (1)

Chirp Z transform of a list:

Scope  (3)

Return a length 16 chirp Z transform:

Evaluate the transform on a spiral path:

Specify a starting point:

Applications  (2)

Improve the resolution of the discrete Fourier transform:

Compare the two discrete Fourier spectra:

Zoom into a portion of the spectrum, in the range from ω1 to ω2 in steps of Δω:

Properties & Relations  (4)

DiscreteChirpZTransform[list] is equivalent to Fourier[list,FourierParameters->{1,-1}]:

DiscreteChirpZTransform[list,n] is equivalent to Fourier[PadRight[list,n],FourierParameters->{1,-1}]:

DiscreteChirpZTransform[list,n] is equivalent to evaluating the Z transform of list on a circular path defined by for k from 0 to n-1:

DiscreteChirpZTransform[list,n,w,a] is equivalent to evaluating the Z transform of list on a spiral path defined by for k from 0 to n-1:

Visualize the spiral path :

DiscreteChirpZTransform is faster compared to the explicit sampling of the Z transform:

Neat Examples  (1)

Define Z transform of a finite duration constant sequence:

Compute the chirp Z transform of the sequence and the complex plane contour:

Plot the magnitude and path of the chirp Z transform on the complex plane:

Introduced in 2012