As of Version 12.0, EdgeRenderingFunction has been superseded by EdgeShapeFunction.


is an option for GraphPlot and related functions that gives a function to generate the graphics primitives to use in rendering each edge.


  • EdgeRenderingFunction->g specifies that each edge should be rendered with the graphics primitives given by g[{ri,,rj},{vi,vj},lblij], where ri, rj are the beginning and ending points of the edge, vi, vj are the beginning and ending vertices, the lblij is any label specified for the edge.
  • The graphics primitives obtained by applying EdgeRenderingFunction are in effect directly spliced into the graphic generated by a function like GraphPlot. Inset can be used to insert an arbitrary expression.
  • EdgeRenderingFunction->Automatic renders edges according to the styles specified by DirectedEdges and EdgeLabeling.
  • Settings for PlotStyle define defaults that can be overridden by explicit directives in EdgeRenderingFunction.


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Basic Examples  (3)

Draw edges as red arrows set back by a small amount:

Draw edges as cylinders and vertices as spheres:

Do not draw edges at all:

Scope  (2)

Draw text on each edge:

Draw graphics on each edge:

Introduced in 2007