is an option for Graph, GraphPlot, and related functions that specifies whether edges should be taken to be directed.

Details and Options


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Basic Examples  (5)

By default rules are taken to be directed edges:

Specify undirected edges:

Obtain a CycleGraph with directed edges:

Create a directed graph from a symmetric adjacency matrix:

Show edges as arrows in GraphPlot:

Do not show edges as arrows in LayeredGraphPlot:

Scope  (5)

DirectedEdges is an option to special graph constructors including PathGraph:

CompleteGraph, GridGraph, and ButterflyGraph:

CycleGraph, StarGraph, and WheelGraph:

CompleteKaryTree and KaryTree:

DirectedEdges->True prevents AdjacencyGraph from creating undirected graphs:


DirectedEdges works with RandomGraph and UniformGraphDistribution:


By default, edges are shown as lines in GraphPlot and TreePlot:

Show edges as arrows:

By default, edges are shown as arrows in LayeredGraphPlot:

This shows edges as lines:

Introduced in 2007