is an option to DiscretePlot and DiscretePlot3D that specifies markers to draw at extent boundaries.


  • The following general settings can be used:
  • Noneno markers
    {ml,mr}specify left and right markers
    {specx,specy}use different specifications in different dimensions
  • The edge markers in one dimension represent a point and edge markers in two dimensions represent a line.
  • In one dimension the following additional settings can be used:
  • "Empty"empty disk edge marker
    "Filled"filled disk edge marker
    ggeneral expression g
    {spec,s}edge marker with size s
  • In two dimensions the following additional settings can be used:
  • "Line"line edge marker
    "Tube"tube edge marker
    {spec,s}edge marker with size s
  • The symbolic values Tiny, Small, Medium, and Large can be used for s. In one dimension, the size of the marker is independent of the total width of the graphic.


Basic Examples  (4)

Specify how to mark the boundaries of extent regions:

DiscretePlot can use custom markers:

Use different markers for different boundaries:

Specify the sizes to use:

Introduced in 2010