is an option to DiscretePlot and DiscretePlot3D that specifies how far to extend out from each plot point.


  • The following settings can be used:
  • Noneno extent
    Fullfully extend to neighboring points
    Allmaximal equal size extents
    Leftfully extend to the left in all dimensions
    Rightfully extend to the right in all dimensions
    {sl,sr}specify left and right extents
    {specx,specy}use different specifications in different dimensions
  • The sizes si can be either in ordinary plot coordinates or Scaled[s] as a fraction of distance between neighboring points.
  • In one dimension we have the equivalent specifications:
  • None{0,0}
  • In two dimensions, ExtentSize->spec is equivalent to ExtentSize->{spec,spec}, using the same extent specification along both the axis and axis.


Basic Examples  (6)

Specify sizes that fill the regions between neighboring points:

Use absolute sizes centered on the plot point:

Use different sizes on either side of the plot point:

Use fractions of the distance to neighboring points:

With unevenly spaced points:

ExtentSize->All uses the largest absolute size that will not cause overlapping regions:

ExtentSize in 3D accepts {{left,right},{front,back}}:

Introduced in 2010