searches for available devices on your computer system.


gives a list of devices in classes whose names match the string pattern form.


gives a list of devices in classes whose names match any of the formi.


returns at most n devices.

Details and Options

  • FindDevices returns a DeviceObject for each device it discovers.
  • FindDevices does not typically open the devices it discovers.
  • The string pattern patt can be given as literal strings, StringExpression string patterns, RegularExpression objects, or abbreviated string patterns.
  • FindDevices can only discover devices for which a device framework driver is provided.
  • Not all devices are automatically discoverable.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Find the discoverable devices on your computer system:

Find a demo device:

Scope  (2)

Find devices using a list of patterns:

Find devices that match a regular expression:

Find devices that match a string expression:

Options  (1)

IgnoreCase  (1)

FindDevices is case sensitive by default:

Use the IgnoreCase option for case insensitive search:

Properties & Relations  (1)

Some devices, including serial devices, are not automatically discoverable:

Once otherwise undiscoverable devices are opened, both Devices and FindDevices list them:

Introduced in 2014