represents a device that can be accessed in a Wolfram Language session.


  • For a device object dev, dev["prop"] gives the current value of a property prop for the device.
  • For appropriate properties, dev["prop"]=val can be used to reset the value of a property.
  • dev[{"prop1","prop2",}]={val1,val2,} sets values of multiple properties.
  • dev[] gives a list of properties that can be used to access capabilities of the device.
  • Typical properties available for devices may include:
  • "Properties"standardized properties for the device
    "NativeProperties"native properties defined by the manufacturer
    "Methods"standardized methods for the device
    "NativeMethods"native methods defined by the manufacturer
    "Rules"properties in the form of a list of rules
    "DeviceName"string giving a display name for the device
    "DeviceImage"typical image of the device
  • Individual properties, as well as native properties, can usually be specified just by giving their names. In the case of a conflict, dev["NativeProperties","prop"] accesses a native property.


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Basic Examples  (2)

DeviceOpen returns a DeviceObject expression:

Use a DeviceObject to read data from a device:

Scope  (4)

Use a DeviceObject to access a device for writing and reading:

Query a device property:

Assign a new value to this property:

Verify the new setting and close the device:

Access a property with a qualifier:

Use a DeviceObject to read time series data from a device and then close the device:

Applications  (2)

Open a connection to the default camera attached to your system and read a frame from it:

Close the connection:

Open a connection to a weather station and use its DeviceObject as an argument to DeviceConfigure and DeviceWrite:

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