writes the value val to the specified device.


writes the sequence of values vali to the specified device.


writes val as the value of the parameter param.


writes values of several parameters.


  • A device can be specified either by a DeviceObject or by a string representing a device class.
  • DeviceWrite is a blocking function; when called, it communicates with the device and does not return until it has finished writing data.
  • DeviceWrite[device,vals] returns vals, even if for some reason the write operation fails.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Open a demo device and write an expression to it:

Read from the device to verify successful writing:

Write a sequence of expressions and read the result:

Close the device:

Applications  (3)

Open a connection to a weather station device, configure it for writing, and write a string to the attached LCD:

Configure the pin direction of a GPIO device, e.g. on Raspberry Pi, and set it to digital "High":

Write a string of bytes to a Sphero robotic ball:

Read in the device response:

Introduced in 2014