reads a single default item from the open device corresponding to the specified DeviceObject.


reads from the default device in the class "devclass".


reads the parameter param from the specified device.


reads the list of parameters parami from the specified device.


  • DeviceRead is a blocking function; when called, it communicates with the device and does not return until it has the data it needs.


open allclose all

Basic Examples  (2)

Open a demo device and read from it:

Read a particular parameter:

Read a parameter from a device of the "RandomSignalDemo" class:

Read a list of parameters:

Applications  (3)

Read a single frame from the default camera:

Close the connection to the camera:

Open a connection to a weather station device, configure it, and read in the ambient humidity:

Close the device:

Configure pin 17 of a GPIO device, e.g. on Raspberry Pi, for reading and read the digital value on it:

Introduced in 2014