Weather Data

The Wolfram Language has direct access to a worldwide feed of real-time weather data, together with complete historical data, stretching back more than a century in many locations. Within the Wolfram Language, weather data immediately becomes fully computable, using symbolic representations for measured quantities, geo positions, dates, time series, etc.

WeatherData complete current and historical worldwide weather data

WeatherForecastData forecasted worldwide weather data

AirTemperatureData  ▪  AirPressureData

WindSpeedData  ▪  WindDirectionData  ▪  WindVectorData

Entity give a geographic entity to specify a position (use for free-form input)

GeoPosition give a lat-lon geo position

DateObject specify a date and time

Now  ▪  Today  ▪  Yesterday

LocalTime find the local time for any location

Quantity representation of a quantity with units

UnitConvert convert between different units and unit systems

IconData access graphical icons for common weather measurements

TimeSeries represent a time series of data, suitable for further computation

DateListPlot plot data that is tagged with dates

GeoGraphics plot data on geographical maps

Historical Severe Weather

TropicalStorm historical data on named hurricanes and other tropical storms

StandardAtmosphereData computable standard atmosphere model

AtmosphericLayer Cloud

Astronomical Computations »

Sunrise  ▪  Sunset  ▪  SunPosition  ▪  MoonPhase  ▪  ...

TideData computed tides for all standard tide stations

Local Data Acquisition »

DeviceOpen connect to a real-time measuring device

DeviceRead  ▪  DeviceReadTimeSeries