returns the most recently collected default item from a device.


returns a list of the n most recently collected items.


returns the n most recently collected values of param.


returns a list of the most recently collected values of the parami.


  • A device can be specified either by a DeviceObject or by a string representing a device class.
  • Only devices from which data is continuously collected support DeviceReadLatest.
  • DeviceReadLatest is a non-blocking function. It uses data already collected from a device, and does not request additional data.
  • DeviceReadLatest[device,n] may return a list shorter than n elements if not enough pre-collected data is available.
  • DeviceReadLatest[device,n] returns data with the oldest first in the list.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Continuously read random numbers from a demo device and plot the latest points dynamically:

Remove the task and close the device connection:

Applications  (1)

Configure a weather station device for reading the ambient illuminance:

Collect 100 samples of data while manually orienting the sensor toward and away from a light source:

Stop the scheduled task and close the connection:

Introduced in 2014