gives a list of all open streams associated with a device.


gives a list of streams whose names match the string pattern patt.


gives a list of streams whose names match any of the patti.


  • A device can be specified either by a DeviceObject or by a string representing a device class.
  • Streams are automatically opened when a device is opened and are closed when it is closed.
  • DeviceStreams can return InputStream or OutputStream objects.


open allclose all

Basic Examples  (2)

Open a demo device and list its open streams:

Look up streams by pattern:

Look up streams by a list of patterns:

Read a list of bytes from an input stream associated with a device:

Close the device:

Properties & Relations  (1)

Input and output streams associated with a device are included in Streams:

DeviceClose closes any streams to and from the device:

Introduced in 2014