is an option for Style and Cell that specifies the font family in which text should be rendered.


  • Possible settings for FontFamily are given in the list $FontFamilies.
  • A common default is FontFamily->"Courier". Other common choices are "Times" and "Helvetica".
  • The Wolfram Language will combine settings for FontFamily, FontWeight, FontSlant, FontTracking, and sometimes FontSize to construct a complete name for the font you want. It will then use this name, together with any settings you have specified for FontPostScriptName and FontNativeName, to try to locate an appropriate font on your particular computer system.
  • When generating PostScript output on a printer or otherwise, settings you give for FontPostScriptName are typically used in preference to other font specifications.
  • The Wolfram Language will try making replacements for the font family name that you specify with the option FontSubstitutions.
  • The Wolfram Language by default uses heuristics such as translating "Helvetica" to "Geneva" for appropriate computer systems.


Basic Examples  (2)

Use "Courier" font family:

Use "Times" font family:

Use "Helvetica" font family:

Font family can be specified in style-related options:

Introduced in 1996
Updated in 2014