represents a geographic object obj with qualifier qual.


  • The geographic object obj can be an Entity object, an EntityClass object, or a string representing an entity type such as "Country".
  • Possible qualifiers include:
  • Automatic region returned when no GeoVariant is specified
    "AllAreas"all legal territories (e.g. US including e.g. Guam)
    "DefaultMapArea"area used for standard maps
    "PrincipalArea"main territories
    "SimplifiedArea"low-resolution schematic region
  • Geo variants can be used for countries, oceans, cities, and other objects.
  • Unlike GeoGroup, which combines multiple entities, GeoVariant allows specification of a particular variant of a single entity.


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Basic Examples  (3)

Show the default geo variant for the US:

Obtain the same result using EntityValue:

Display geo variants for the US:

Show geo variants for the UK:

Scope  (6)

Automatic  (1)

Show the default geo variant of the US:

"AllAreas"  (1)

"Center"  (1)

"DefaultMapArea"  (1)

"PrincipalArea"  (1)

"SimplifiedArea"  (1)

Introduced in 2014