is an option that specifies the holiday calendar schedule in business day functions.


  • HolidayCalendar is {"UnitedStates","Default"} by default.
  • HolidayCalendar can be set to either one of the prebuilt calendars contained in the CalendarData paclet, or to a custom calendar by specifying a set of holiday schedules.
  • The basic unit of a holiday schedule is a holiday criterion, a three-element list of tests in the form of pure functions that are to be applied to the year, month, and day of a given calendar, respectively. A date is a holiday if all three tests return true when applied to it.
  • A separate set of tests must be specified for each calendar system in which holidays are celebrated.
  • Available calendar systems are:
  • "Gregorian"Gregorian solar calendar
    "Julian"Julian solar calendar
    "Jewish"Jewish lunisolar calendar
    "Islamic"Islamic lunar calendar (based on Mecca lunations)
    "Ecclesiastical"calendar for moveable feasts in the Roman Catholic liturgy
    "EcclesiasticalOrthodox"calendar for moveable feasts in the Greek Orthodox liturgy
    "Equinox"calendar for holidays associated with sidereal motion
    "ChineseLunar"Chinese lunisolar calendar
    "HinduLunar"Hindu lunisolar calendar


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Basic Examples  (2)

Specify a prebuilt holiday schedule other than the default:

Specify a prebuilt holiday schedule other than the default:

Scope  (2)

Define a custom schedule:

Define a more complicated custom schedule:

Applications  (1)

Use HolidayCalendar as an option for TimeSeries to visualize business days in a given country:

Introduced in 2012