unloads a LibraryFunction so that it cannot be used.


  • LibraryFunctionUnload unloads a LibraryFunction so that it can no longer be used.
  • On certain platforms, when all functions from a library have been unloaded, the library can be modified and reloaded.
  • LibraryUnload unloads all functions from a library.
  • When a Wolfram Library is unloaded, an uninitialization function in the library is called.
  • When all functions from a Wolfram Library are unloaded, the library is unloaded.


Basic Examples  (1)

LibraryFunction objects are generated by LibraryFunctionLoad:

LibraryFunction objects can be used as Wolfram Language functions:

This unloads the function:

Now the LibraryFunction cannot be used:

Introduced in 2010