is an option for ReliefPlot and related functions that specifies the angle from which simulated illumination is taken to come.


  • Angles are measured in radians, counterclockwise from the positive direction in the final image.
  • LightingAngle->{θ,ϕ} takes the effective illumination source to be oriented at angle ϕ out of the image plane.
  • LightingAngle->θ is equivalent to LightingAngle->{θ,Pi/4}.


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Basic Examples  (1)

By default, the simulated lighting is placed at , or the top left corner, with altitude :

Place the light source at , or the left of the map:

Place the light source at , or the right side of the map, with altitude:

Scope  (2)

The result with no shading:

Use predefined symbolic directions:

Neat Examples  (1)

Change light source direction continuously:

Introduced in 2007