represents data of an AffineStateSpaceModel linearized by functions such as FeedbackLinearize and StateTransformationLinearize using transformation of variables.


  • A LinearizingTransformationData[] object ltd can be used to retrieve various properties.
  • The list of available properties is given by ltd["Properties"].
  • Additional information about the properties is listed on function pages FeedbackLinearize, StateTransformationLinearize, and CarlemanLinearize.
  • Typical properties include:
  • "Linearization"type of linearization
    "TransformedSystem"system in the new coordinates
    "InverseStateTransformation"inverse transformation of the state variables


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Basic Examples  (1)

Feedback linearize a system:

Obtain the list of properties:

The transformed system:

Scope  (4)

Obtain a particular property value:

Obtain several property values simultaneously:

Some properties could be missing:

Some properties require multiple arguments:

Compute a set of feedback gains based on the linearized system:

This can be used to obtain the closed-loop system:

Simulate the closed-loop system:

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