is an option for SemanticImport and related functions that specifies what should be considered "missing" and what to replace it with.


  • MissingDataRules->{s1->val1,s2->val2,} specifies that whenever an element has the form of a string or string pattern si, it should be replaced in the output by a Missing incorporating vali.
  • MissingDataRules-><|name1->{s1->val1,},name2->,|> specifies replacements to use in columns with names namei.
  • MissingDataRules->{{s1->val1,},} specifies replacements to use in successive columns.
  • If vali is of the form Missing[], it is used directly.
  • MissingDataRules->Automatic uses heuristics to determine which elements should be considered missing.


Basic Examples  (5)

Specify how to handle missing data:

Match missing data by pattern:

Handle missing data differently in each column:

Handle missing data in the second column only:

Specify how to handle missing data by column name:

Introduced in 2014