is an option for audio analysis functions that specifies the partitioning of the audio.


  • PartitionGranularity can specify the length of partitions and how much they overlap, as well as a smoothing window applied to partition samples.
  • Typical settings include:
  • durpartitions of length dur seconds and automatic overlap
    {dur,offset}uses the specified offset
    {dur,offset,wfun}applies wfun to each partition
  • Specifications for dur and offset can be scalars, time quantities or "Samples" quantities.
  • Offset specification can also be Scaled[s], which is equivalent to s×dur.
  • The smoothing window wfun can be specified using a window function, such as HannWindow, that will be sampled between and or a list of the same length as dur.


Basic Examples  (1)

Control the partitioning parameters in AudioLocalMeasurements:

Introduced in 2016