is an option for Compile that specifies attributes for the compiled function it creates.


  • RuntimeAttributes applies to the execution of the compiled function.
  • A possible setting for RuntimeAttributes is Listable.
  • RuntimeAttributes->Listable is effectively equivalent to the Listable attribute of the built-in function.
  • If a compiled function with Listable attribute matches its argument specification, it will run in the normal way.
  • If a compiled function with Listable attribute receives any arguments with higher rank than specified, the function will thread over these arguments.


Basic Examples  (3)

This creates a compiled function that is listable:

It operates on a single input in normal fashion:

When the arguments include a list that does not match the input specification, it threads the function over that argument:

This compiled function is not listable:

An error results when the argument specification does not match:

If there is a branch, listability needs a function to be defined, as shown below using Function:

A listable compiled function does the same thing much faster:

A listable compiled function can run in parallel, giving an acceleration on multicore machines:

Introduced in 2010