is an option for Compile that specifies whether it should create a compiled function that could run in parallel.


  • Parallelization applies to the execution of the compiled function.
  • Compiled functions only run in parallel if Listable is one of the RuntimeAttributes and the function threads over list arguments.
  • Compiled functions run in parallel using multiple threads of execution.
  • Typically, $ProcessorCount is used to determine how many threads are used.
  • If a compiled function running in parallel has several threads trying to call ordinary Wolfram Language code, only one thread can do this at any time.
  • The following settings can be used:
  • Truecreate parallel code
    Falsecreate single-thread code
    Automaticuse parallelization for optimal arguments


Basic Examples  (1)

Listable compiled functions can execute in parallel:

This shows the operation running sequentially:

Typically, $ProcessorCount is used to determine how many threads can be used:

Introduced in 2010