shows the current evaluation stack, giving a list of the tags associated with evaluations that are currently being done.


gives a list of expressions currently being evaluated which match the pattern.


  • Stack[_] shows all expressions currently being evaluated.
  • You can call Stack from inside a dialog to see how the dialog was reached.
  • In the list returned by Stack[pattern], each expression is wrapped with HoldForm.
  • The maximum length of Stack[] is limited by $RecursionLimit.
  • Stack has attribute HoldFirst.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Print the stack where the Stack command is being evaluated:

Print the detailed stack contents including function arguments:

Scope  (1)

Use Stack inside of Dialog to see how it was reached:

Stack shows that the dialog from 2*Dialog[] is entered first:

Upon return from the first dialog, the other is entered:

Introduced in 1991