As of Version 6.0, StyleForm has been superseded by Style.


prints using the specified style options.


prints using the specified cell style in the current notebook.


  • You can use font options such as FontSize, FontWeight, FontSlant, FontFamily, FontColor, and Background in StyleForm.
  • Additional options can be given as in StyleBox.
  • The typeset form of StyleForm[expr] is interpreted the same as expr when used in input.
  • When an input evaluates to StyleForm[expr], StyleForm does not appear in the output.
  • StyleForm can be used to specify the style for text in graphics.
  • StyleForm[expr,"style"] will work only if the notebook front end is being used; StyleForm[expr,options] for many options will work in all cases.
  • When StyleForm objects are nested, the options of the innermost one control the printing of a particular expression.
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