prints all expressions used in the evaluation of expr.


includes only those expressions which match form.


includes all evaluations which use transformation rules associated with the symbol s.

Details and Options

  • TracePrint indents its output in correspondence with the nesting levels for lists generated by Trace.
  • The indentation is done using the print form defined for the object Indent[d].
  • TracePrint prints the forms of expressions before any of their elements are evaluated.
  • TracePrint does not support the TraceBackward option of Trace.
  • TracePrint yields only the forward part of the output specified by the option setting TraceAbove->All.
  • TracePrint[expr] returns the result of evaluating expr.


Basic Examples  (2)

Print all expressions used in evaluation of an expression:

A recursive definition for finding Fibonacci numbers:

Show all additions of positive integers:

Introduced in 1991